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Fourth World, Berlin
Out-Side Eye
I accompanied the resumption of four solo works by choreographer Johanna Ackva, whom I had the pleasure of meeting through her residency at LAKE Studios Berlin.

CLOUDS ON CLEAR SKY is the result of Johanna Ackva's long-standing exploration of experiences around death, mourning and finitude as realities at the core of life. For the dancers of different generations and backgrounds, she acts as an interlocutor in this project. Taking up autobiographical experiences, reflecting on emotional and political implications of death, as well as diving into iconographic and poetic dimensions are tools for the search for a physical language of one's own.


The four evenings are framed and interwoven by the sound of composer Evelyn Saylor and the design of the space: chalkboard-like surfaces on parts of the floor and walls serve the dancers as a canvas on which they mark noteworthy moments of their dance and inscribe them in the space. As memories of past moments, their chalk marks are both signs of absence and presences to which subsequent dancers relate. Through the collaboration I was able to get to know Johanna Ackva, the Fourth World as well as the dancers and enjoyed very much to be able to approach this heavy topic with such depth, calmness and even lightness.

Artistic direction, choreography: Johanna Ackva - performance, co-choreography: Akemi Nagao, emeka ene, Jan Burkhardt, Sophie Kuhlmann, Regina Baumgart - Sound design, composition: Evelyn Saylor - Video, projections: Max Hilsamer - Costume, interior design: Bettina Mileta - Outside-Eye, dramaturgy: Roni Katz - Outside-Eye revival: Elisabeth Leopold - Artistic assistance: Carrie McILwain - Production: Valerie Terwei - Production Revival: Martina Neu - Press/Publicity: Aïsha Mia Lethen - Graphics: Ana Halina Ringleb - Actors in the supporting program: Eva Busch, Jörg Kuhn, Johanna Ackva - Also involved in the development of the project in 2021 were Sophie Kuhlmann (performance, co-choreography) and Marie DuPasquier (curation supporting program Evenings). The production was funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin and generously supported by Display Berlin and Theater Vierte Welt. The current revival is made possible by a revival grant from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
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