Down To Earth

Curating & Dramaturgy
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Tanzfabrik Berlin Wedding
13-16 July 2020
Conceptualization & Programming - Communication - Funding Development - Planning & Implementation
Co-curation and programming of a festival against the background of socio-ecological issues in the interdisciplinary field of art and culture.

The experimental festival Down To Earth aims to create spaces for exchange and solidarity-based agency, questioning the use of our resources. In doing so, the festival extends socio-ecological questions into the realm of culture and art. With audio walks, one-to-one formats, seismic dance baths, cell phone free zones, greenhouses and plant growth, food recycling and performative dinners, (sit) protests and screenings, the common festival concepts and structures will be subverted and other ways of coming together will be initiated.


The July 2020 edition was held as a Research Lab due to the current situation of the pandemic. We used the time of crisis and pause to deepen the ideas behind our original festival concept - sustainability, possibilities of a hopeful future, solidarity - and adapt them to the current circumstances. In our Research Lab we wanted to work sustainably on the future but also to counter the current tendency of (over)producing virtual content. The exploration of these highly relevant topics continues and is in the conceptualization phase for 2021/22.

You can find an insight into the journalistic coverage of the event here and see our video documentation below: 

Curation Team: Elisabeth Leopold, Juan Harcha, Felicitas Zeeden - With a.o. Akseli Aittomäki, Patricia Coates a.k.a LucyPalustris, Hayden Fowler, Human Rights Film Festival, Miriam Jakob, Matthias Krause, Felix M. Ott, Emmilou Rößling, Noël Saavedra, Kirstie Simson, Thabo Thindi, Pink Valley, Thea Reifler, Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig - Photos © LucyPalustris
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