On Being With

Curating & Dramaturgy
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La Wayaka Current - Atacama Chile & Research in Berlin
Since April 2022
Research - Writing - Curation
In this research project, I am exploring practices of reconnecting to our surroundings and to each other, as well as their translation into the field of curating dance & performance art.

With the research project "Praktiken der Wieder-Verbindung// Practices of Re-Connection" I would like to not only follow, develop and deepen my main interests in eco-ethical
responsibility as a curator and dramaturg in the field of dance and performance, but also to develop them into a well-founded practice. This is based on the conviction that, regardless of the thematic orientation of projects, festivals, formats, etc., ecological, feminist and de-colonial approaches must first and foremost be anchored in the working methods and embodied practices themselves. The aim is to explore and apply principles of curating that promote ecological-ethical responsibility and focus on the relationships between human and non-human bodies and
matter in terms of the design of 'art spaces or contexts'.

The project was funded under the title: "Manifesting Hope. Ecology & Somatics in Curating" funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.


After my research stay in Chile in April/May 2022, the residency artists met again this year at an exhibition of the visual artist Solène Kerlo in her studio in Paris. In this context, a booklet of mine entitled "On Being With" was created from text materials of the residency and the research project. In the future I am planning a larger project at the intersection of exhibition, festival and exchange format to this research project.

Elisabeth Leopold [Fellow Resident Artists: Solène Kerlo, Bas Steens, Sophie Høeg, Benjamin Gibert, Michelle McCarron, Giulia Fumagalli, Aran Ndimurwanko, Andreas Sanderg & Adam Haugbak]
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