s n i t m ø n s t e r

Curating & Dramaturgy
Project Type:
FELD, Theatre for Young Audiences / Berlin
Premiere: 22-23 January 2022
Collaborative work including content research - rehearsal accompaniment - outside-eye - collaboration for text material
Dramaturgical accompaniment during the development of "s n i t m ø n s t e r" a dance and music performance by Teresa Hoffmann with Christine Börsch-Supan for an audience of five years and older.

In a world of oversized garments, people can become meek or even disappear. They make room for snitmønster and other fantastic beings.

The performers dive into oversized terrycloth slippers, losing their orientation and having to be fished out again by a four-metre-long sock. A huge sun hat transformed into a moon stands in the sky and watches them. He asks himself: Where do these people actually come from? And what are they doing there?

snitmønster opens up a world full of images, sounds and stories in which huge trousers, T-shirts and buttons suddenly determine all the rules of the game and big questions arise: How did life actually begin and why are we all here?


Teresa Hoffmann - artist, choreographer and teacher - also turns the content of her playful, poetic and often cross-generational works into a working method, negotiating the what with the same intensity as the how . With sensitivity, attentiveness and inexhaustible curiosity, she explores movement and shares this with a young audience on stage. A very special working process that helped me to see the role of the dramaturg more fluidly and to think in movement myself, as well as to understand what I believe a feminist approach to working as caring in the arts can mean.

Artistic direction and performance: Teresa Hoffmann - Music, co-creation and performance: Christine Börsch-Supan - Performance and co-creation: Gaëtane Douin - Dramaturgy: Elisabeth Leopold - Costume and stage: Nadine Goepfert - Costume and stage assistance: Julia Riedel - Lighting and sound: Rica Pinu - Outside eye and consulting: Gabi dan Droste, Jan Kress and Claude Jansen - Theatre pedagogical support: Charlotte Bartesch - Production: Lina Höhne - Photography: Jonas Fischer - Graphic design: Phillip Staffa. A production by Teresa Hoffmann in cooperation with Fundus-Theater Hamburg and FELD Theater, Berlin. Photos © Jonas Fischer
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