Dance walks

Curating & Dramaturgy
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Tanzfabrik Berlin
Created in autumn 2021
Concept & programme - Application - Dramaturgical support of the Walks - Planning & implementation - Accounting
Curation and planning of audio formats to link dance stimulation, movement workshops and auditory art experience.

With various movement instructions and dance suggestions, we invite you to go outside. In the process, various levels of sensory experience meet: being outside in real physical space and one's own body perception, which mixes with auditory impressions, ideas, narratives, fictions or music. A moving walk that also encourages you to step out of your own limitations. Either to listen alone, to try out together with friends or to take part in our launch walks with the artists.


In close collaboration with the respective artists, we entered the new territory of the audio format as a dance workshop. This resulted in four very diverse walks, which were also created for a young audience or a visually impaired and blind audience, among others. Imaginative journeys of movement, expansions of perception and live recordings in the forests of Brandenburg created spaces for encounters between music and dance, environment and body, individual and collectively shared experience in public space.

Curation: Elisabeth Leopold with Christa Flaig-Isaacs - Artists: Jess Curtis & Gerald Pirner; Ka Rustler; Theresa Hoffman & Kadysha N`Diaye; Christa Flaig-Isaacs with Janos Crecelius & Bona Ngoumou - Sound design: Mattef Kuhlmey. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR. Photos © Christian Demarco
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