The Feminist School

Curating & Dramaturgy
Project Type:
Tanzfabrik Berlin Uferstudios
Sept. 8-11 & Nov. 3-6, 2022
Concept & Program Development - Accessibility Communication & Coordination, advised by Making A Difference - Awareness Concept.
As a collective we developed together the concept & program of the Feminist School Berlin. It is a discursive format that took place within the project apap - FEMINIST FUTURES, a network of eleven European performing arts organizations.

The Feminist School Berlin comprises a series of formats that include physical and dance practices, discursive and literary events, and short film screenings that seek to share feminist issues from an intersectional perspective. Based on an updated notion of feminism, the Feminist School aims at the equal treatment of all people, with a clear stance for anti-ableist, anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practices.


With two parts of the Feminist School in September and November 2022, we wanted to create access to the complex thematic field of feminism and make it tangible in the context of workshops, physical as well as discursive but also other art events and experiences. A particular focus for us was to pursue a collective and feminist curation practice and to create a space that was as safe as possible, free of discriminating experiences. We succeeded in this to some extent, but it also made us aware of how many steps still need to be taken here and how many resources are needed for working practices of transparency, caring, agility, listening, etc. The experiences in the team and with the participating artists were incredibly enriching and we hope above all to be able to program the format of the School again soon. Because the focus on interweaving practice and theory, a non-hierarchical space of mutual learning, where an equivalence between physical, intuitive-emotional and intellectual knowledge is paramount, is forward-looking and necessary.

Curation & Project Management: Nara Virgens, Juan Harcha, Felicitas Zeeden, Elisabeth Leopold, Céline Rodrigues Monteiro - Artists September 2022: FrauHerr Meko, Şipşak Druck Kollektiv, Luana Madikera, Lana Sirri, Saboura Naqshband, Carolin Hartmann, Nora Amin, PoetryMeetsSeries: Jumoke Adeyanju, Mandhla , Luana Madikera, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Poetra Asantewa, Femdelafem The Gardener, Allysa Grace, Johnny Kulo, ShortFilmMovieNight: Maissa Lihedheb, Tonina Matamalas, Carme Gomila,Diego Paulino, Raquel Rosildete, Yergalem Taffere, Katrina Singleton: November 22: Sonya Lindfors, Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Sharzad Sadredini & Ali Kalantary. The Feminist School - Part 1 is part of this year's edition of the Tanznacht Forum and is supported by the Cultural Administration of the State of Berlin through its four-year, open-ended grant for festivals and series. The Feminist School Part 1 and Part 2 are part of the project apap - FEMINIST FUTURES, co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
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