Workshop Departement Tanzfabrik Berlin

Curating & Dramaturgy
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Tanzfabrik Berlin
August 2018-March 2024
Selection of teachers - Co-curation of the overall program (together with Christa Flaig-Isaacs) - Development of formats - Communication with teachers & participants - Drafting & execution of contracts - Editing of text material - Implementation of festivals including support, moderation, mediation
Programming of renowned international and local teachers and artists in the field of contemporary dance. Bringing together different dance techniques, improvisation, composition and somatic bodywork.

We aim to gather different approaches from contemporary dance and to create a balance between renowned, experienced teaching artists and the new generation. Quality, relevance, and well-structured teaching content are the focus and should be made accessible for every level and every ability. Spaces of exchange, personal development, and transfer of knowledge as well as spaces of solidarity and mutual respect are created. The development of formats for digital spaces is also part of the program.


Curation of 20 festivals to date, as well as additional format series with a total of up to 800 participants per year.

  1. Oster Tanz 2019
  2. Sommer Tanz 2019
  3. Herbst Tanz 2019
  4. Winter Tanz 2019/20
  5. Virtual Oster Tanz 2020
  6. Sommer Tanz 2020 - Meeting in the Virtual & Meeting live!
  7. Herbst Tanz 2020
  8. Winter Tanz 2020/21 - Meeting in the Virtual & Meeting live!
  9. Easter Dance 2021
  10. Summer Dance 2021
  11. Winter Dance 2021/22
  12. Easter Dance 2022
  13. Summer Dance 2022
  14. Autumn dance 2022
  15. Winter dance 2022/23
  16. Easter dance 2023
  17. Summer Dance 2023 - Cooperation with Making A Difference & Dance in August
  18. Fall Dance 2023
  19. Winter Dance 2023/24
  20. Easter Dance 2024
Thank you for having been the reason behind this great UnlOcking experience!
by Nora Amin
Workshop team: Christa Flaig-Isaacs (programme), Zoé Duflot (coordination), AnnA Stein (design) - Invited artists include Kirstie Simson, Darrell Jones, Jonathan Burrows, Rosalind Crisp, Deborah Hay, Hiroaki Umeda, Malcolm Manning, Barbara Mahler, Sri Louise, Doris Uhlich.
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